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Stress-Free Gifting


  • How do I create a Group Gift?

    Choose the product you'd like to gift and then select the "Group Gift" option. Add the recipient's information and create your team gift.
  • What happens if the gift total is not reached?

    The organizer should ask for the refund of the collected shares to the participans and the gift will be cancelled.
  • How many contributors can I invite to a group gift and how many shares can I choose?

    Each group gift can be divided into maximum of ten shares during gift creation, please note that it is not possible to edit this at a later date. The gift organizer has no limit on how many contributors they can invite and each contributor can pay for multiple shares. Please note, that once all of the shares have been paid, no further contributions can be added.
  • Why can't I spend more than $10,000.00?

    On the US platform there is a maximum daily spending limit of $10,000.00. The platform will automatically set up a team gift with the minimum number of participants required if the cost of the products is above the limit. If you are prevented from paying for a gift please try again after 24 hours from your last order.



  • Is it possible to add a message for the giftee?

    Each participant will be able to add a personalized message or video during the checkout process.
  • Contact Us

    In case you have any additional questions, please contact our customer service team at: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
  • Can the gift recipient return or exchange a gift?

    In case the recipient wishes to return a gift, the contributors will be refunded by 4Gift. Alternatively, the giftee could request the exchange of the same item in a different size or colour, if available within the Faliero Sarti online Boutique. The orders purchased through the 4Gift platform may be returned by mail or in-person in one of the Faliero Sarti Boutiques. The return in store can be done only within the same country where the original order was delivered.

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